Barrel of Oil

One (1) barrel (42 U.S. Gal) of crude oil = 44.60 U.S. Gal of petroleum products.
The increase in volume is due to refinery processing gain (similar to what happens to popcorn when it is popped).

The tools listed on this page are for estimating or educational purposes only.
Please confirm your calculations with your engineering or electrical team.

ProductU.S. GalPercentage
Finished Motor Gasoline19.4044
Distillate Fuel Oil10.5024
Kero-type Jet Fuel4.129
Petroleum Coke2.235
Still Gas1.814
Residual Fuel Oil (HFO)1.684
Liquefied Refiner Gas1.513
Asphalt and road Oil1.343
Total44.60 U.S. Gal100%
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